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We feel at home where wrenches spin and the scent of roasting coffee wafts through the air. 

Born in the “Backroom” of a bicycle shop in 2010, we quickly outgrew the space and now roast our small batch coffee in a former airplane hangar. 

We are tinkerers by trade, and we fine-tune each coffee we roast until it meets our standards of quality over quantity. Coffee is the fuel that feeds us and is our catalyst for inspiration.  

Here’s to coffee fueled inspiration!


Our Team


Chris Bishop, Founder and Co-Owner

Chris Bishop is the founder and co-owner of Backroom Coffee Roasters. He has served in all functions within the company from roasting, sourcing, sales, marketing, production and toilet cleaning. His favorite coffees are washed, sweet and clean Central American varieties. Somehow he has managed to surround himself with a great crew and lots of mangey animals.

Cara Bishop.jpeg

Cara Bishop, Co-Owner and CFO

Co-Owner and CFO, Cara deals in all things money. She drinks her coffee with a dab of milk and her beer straight up. While not herding the cats that are three kids or crunching numbers she is an accomplished artist specializing in 2D American West collage.


John Swanson, Roast Master and Operations

John is our head roaster and operations dark lord. John's background is steeped in coffee and food. He brings an expert pallet and mindful touch to our beans. John is also a wizard on the guitar and can belt out the blues with unrestrained gusto.


James Meadows, Production Assistant

James has been working in coffee for over 9 years. He has experience as a barista, coffee shop owner, and now production assistant at Backroom Coffee Roasters. He is also an accomplished musician as a solo artist singer/songwriter and as the frontman of the band Get In The Ark.  He is a naturally processed light roasted Mexican blend. James is our resident millennial hipster and of course we love him for it.



This is Alby the dog. His main job is keeping the chickens out of the shop. Sometimes he succeeds. Somehow Goldie always seems to get past him. Sneaky chicken.




This is Goldie, she is the shop chicken, Although, she isn't supposed to be in the roastery we often hear noises behind the beans only to discover this curious hen. Her best friend isn't Alby.


Smokey Joe

Smokey Joe is the shop cat. He pretty much sleeps all day and all night. We sometimes wonder if he is alive.

He doesn’t like coffee, although it looks like he needs some.

We believe in quality, so you can drink the finest cup possible. We roast only high end Arabica beans from around the world. And, at the end of the day we believe in giving back.